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Be sure to “full view” each page because (at least on my computer) the black in some of the pages is just GONE. Anyway, my design final. A comic attempting to address society’s failure of telling young boys (and girls too sometimes) that abuse/violence/bullying is NOT an appropriate way to show affection…

REBLOGGING AGAIN because I figured out what was up with the colors  uhghhsdlkf


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Resentment of the Day: On Fake Geek Girls


Guys take a minute to go thank albinwonderland  for putting herself out there to talk about this. Lots of girls do but I think we should go THANK THEM MORE OFTEN because the abuse they are getting is frightening. (link: tw abuse, trigger warning) 

I love how guys are being horrifying to her on her video and denying the existence of sexism while being utterly misogynistic and disgusting to her.


ALL the love to this lady

If you’re pro-life but don’t support school lunch, food stamps, or healthcare for poor children than you aren’t pro-life,you’re anti-sex
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you know he dead

This interview may be from 2010, but our Secretary of State’s badassery lives on.

Previously on “Amazing Women Calling Out Sexism,” Emma Stone.

10 Reasons Why The Addams Family Is Awesome(ly Feminist)


1. Anjelica Huston was 40 when she played Morticia. Considering that it’s very hard for women over 40 (who aren’t A-listers) to get lead parts, that’s already a milestone. But she’s also sexy. Incredibly sexy. Yes, she’s playing the mother of a pair of preteens, but she appears immaculately (and eerily) beautiful in every scene she’s in. How often do we see a mother character who is genuinely sexy?

2. Morticia and Gomez Addams are famously in love with each other. What set the 1960s series apart from all other sitcoms was that this was a married couple who were crazy about each other, instead of fighting. In the film, this tradition of their great love affair continues. There are no mother-in-law jokes, both take responsibility in raising the children, and have a very healthy sex life. So many stories have the love story end at marriage, or have the couple grow to loathe each other over time. Just think of it - a loving marriage was groundbreaking.

3. Addams Family Values explicitly challenges conformist WASPs at the Summer Camp that Wednesday and Pugsley stay at. The siblings absolutely refuse to compromise themselves and pretend to be happy or to enjoy sickeningly sappy things (like Annie the musical). The camp counsellors show favouritism to the traditionally attractive blonde white rich kids, and it’s made quite obvious how hateful and hypocritical they really are. At the end of the movie, Wednesday and the other “outcasts” deliberately sabotage the counsellors’ tremendously racist Thanksgiving play by symbolically enacting revenge for the genocide that Native Americans suffered at the hands of white people.

4. Despite the Addamses having two children of each sex (at least in the first film), it is the girl that gets the good parts. That doesn’t happen very often at all - other examples of media that has two siblings of each sex almost always emphasizes the brother. Christina Ricci’s sarcastic and deadpan portrayal of Wednesday is one of the highlights of an already perfectly cast set of films. It contrasts sharply with the cheerful Wednesday from the TV version, but I can’t be the only one longing for more sardonic brunette girls in family movies…who aren’t the villains.

5. The climax of The Addams Family seemingly has a damsel-in-distress situation…except that it’s been turned on its head. Morticia…enjoys…being tied up and tortured. Yep kiddies, here’s your first introduction to bondage and BDSM! It’s played for laughs of course, as it always is, but notice that when Gomez and Morticia discuss her predicament, it’s with absolute passion. Their kinkiness is just another aspect of their already healthy sex life. And in the end, the damsel-in-distress isn’t really in distress at all! Sure, she needed to be untied, but Morticia was definitely not in any danger.

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“if you can’t afford a baby then don’t have sex and take the risk mehmehmeh pro life”

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that SEX, the most fun free activity on earth, was a privilege reserved for the wealthy. 


I wonder if this is actually true.

Attention everybody: feministrepublican is a rape survivor who is being harassed by an asshole called mybuddydharma because of the views of some members of the GOP. I don’t agree with anything in the Republican platform, but that’s not even relevant right now. Turning your cheek to blatant misogyny coming from fellow liberals is hypocritical. Yes, liberals can be disgusting sexists too. It’s Rape Culture. It affects everyone. And right now, it’s affecting feministrepublican.

Stop excusing this behavior just because you disagree with her. You probably won’t find a single rape survivor that agrees with you on everything. And it doesn’t matter.

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Seeing as I’m coded as a woman, I got something to say to men


A whole lot of you are assholes. Seriously. The other day while I was walking my son to school, a construction worker commented on my ass. Apparently I was supposed to float over to him and whisper, “TELL ME MOAR!” because I was supposed to LOVE having my body violated with his eyes and lips IN FRONT OF MY CHILD.

AND THE WORST PART is that I was powerless. He was much bigger than I and I had my child. There were at least six of them. I couldn’t do anything other than flash a dirty look.

This isn’t the first time this kind of thing happened. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Don’t you have any god damned decency? I mean damn, I’m already someone’s mom (and it’s obvious since the kid looks a hell of a lot like me) and you still do this?

I don’t know if you simply operate by your brain stem because I’m sure you don’t imagine that your daughter/sister/mother/grandmother would like some jerk off to comment on their ass while they are trying to get on with their lives——because they wouldn’t and you are an embarrassment to them.

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